5 signs you might have a running problem

If you are reading this web site, you might be a redneck. Just kidding, sorry Mr. Foxworthy, not all Floridians are rednecks. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you have a deep passion for running. Sometimes our passions get out of hand, so we put together this little guide with 5 signs that you might have a problem.


If you are up on current events, you might remember the Youtube video where a kid tries to punk Michael Jordan with the question, “What are those?” in regards to his footwear. Unlike pop culture, we are not talking about your shoes, we are talking about what goes inside them. Seriously, WHAT ARE THOSE? Black toe nails, no toe nails, calluses, blisters, hammer toe, hammer time, you get the point. If you have ever been afraid to wear flip flops in public due to the damage done from too many miles, you might have a problem!

2 – Pay Day!

You have worked your butt off and now it is time to get paid! Unlike most of your friends, the money from your paycheck was accounted for when Mizuno launched the Wave Rider 20s. The money that should be going into savings will being paying for the next three weeks worth of race entries and you are seriously considering fasting next month so you can afford that new Garmin. If 50% of your paycheck goes towards running or running related expenses, you might have a problem!

3 – Eat a Burger

You ever have that friend that tells you to “go eat a burger,” while you’re eating a burger, that so happens to be your second burger? When you are putting in the mileage and training an hour plus every day, keeping the weight on becomes a challenge. Some people can eat the equivalent of their own weight and not gain a pound, while training. If you have heard your fair share of “Go eat a burger”, you might have a problem!

(Disclaimer: There is no right or wrong body type when it comes to running. It is important that young runners understand that calories are energy. Getting enough calories is just as, if not more, important than getting enough miles. If you have questions we suggest contacting someone who works in sports nutrition.)

4 – How did your day go?

“Well, I woke up this morning and got in an easy 5 miles. During lunch I updated my training log and looked up which races are happening this month. After work I went to the gym and ran a little bit more. Now I am going to check out www.RunFloridaRun.com to see what is happening in the world of Florida running.” If the only thing that people know about you is the fact that you are a runner, you might have a problem!

5 – So you started a blog, podcast, web site……..

Ah Crap…………….We might have a problem.

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