1A Season Preview
1A Season Preview

2022 MCIAC High School Cross Country Championships

Vanguard stole the show at the 2022 MCIAC High School Cross Country Championships, sweeping both the individual and team titles at Belleview.

This was the 24th year in a row that the Vanguard boys had won the Marion County Conference Championships, and the 20th year for the girls. Junior Clayton Knight won the boy’s race, with seven Vanguard runners finishing in the top 11 places. The team finished with 22 points, well ahead of second-place Forest’s 45 points.

In the girl’s race, senior Rhema Taylor crossed the finish line first, with seven Vanguard runners placing in the top 12. The team again finished with 22 points, this time beating out 65-point Westport.

With yet another victory under their belts, the Vanguard boys and girls continue to dominate the Marion County Conference Championships. It’s an impressive feat that shows the strength of their team.

Other notable performances include the Senior and Freshman duo from Forest, Ryan Elfring and Zach Vickerman, who placed 3rd and 5th respectively in the boy’s race. Additionally, Mia White from Westport turned in a 2nd-place finish for the girl’s race.

Boys Race Results

PlaceBib#NameTeamSplit 1
146Clayton KnightVanguard (Ocala)17:15.1
258Miguel CruzVanguard (Ocala)18:16.1
331Ryan ElfringForest18:37.4
457Matt LammensVanguard (Ocala)18:38.7
534Zach VickermanForest19:02.4
628Luke GutierrezForest19:21.0
751Kartik KotiVanguard (Ocala)19:27.0
855Liam ColeVanguard (Ocala)19:29.3
975Luke LombardoWest Port19:32.0
1056Martin D’EspositoVanguard (Ocala)19:46.3
1160Timothy BrannonVanguard (Ocala)20:02.3
1263Bryce BlalockWest Port20:10.3
1317Colin KearseDunnellon20:42.0
1415Zachary TownsendBelleview20:56.4
1525Christian HicksForest20:57.5
1630Parker TewForest21:01.2
1766Certain WilliamsWest Port21:10.1
1818Ethan SlagleDunnellon21:11.1
1926Dennis RotellaForest21:16.9
2020Garrett HinckleyDunnellon21:18.6
2168Colby JonesWest Port21:26.9
2249Jon RosaVanguard (Ocala)21:30.8
2311Michael SmothersBelleview21:52.0
2470Gabriel LopezWest Port21:58.1
2522James CarterDunnellon22:02.7
2648David ReedVanguard (Ocala)22:02.8
2778Tai GeeringWest Port22:03.3
284Aubrey OtienoBelleview22:30.3
2939Allanhirschrick RojasNorth Marion22:38.8
3033Xavier SahajpalForest22:56.6
3145Brandon KeeVanguard (Ocala)23:06.3
3279Tannon TriasWest Port23:15.1
3342Hawk BraydenNorth Marion23:22.1
349Jonathan AncrumBelleview23:22.8
3516Caleb HillDunnellon23:51.6
3632Trey NortheyForest24:16.1
3727Ethan RamseyForest24:22.7
3829Nicholas DessaintForest24:24.0
3950Julian ColonVanguard (Ocala)24:35.1
407Douglas VanDeursenBelleview24:42.6
4123Jhonerin Flores-DominquezDunnellon25:05.6
422Andrew SchmeiserBelleview25:13.3
4347Daniel PaezVanguard (Ocala)25:21.6
4419Gabriel SpillmanDunnellon25:26.2
4577Raphael PiccolaWest Port25:40.8
4654Landon ReynoldsVanguard (Ocala)25:41.9
4753Kevin ZhuVanguard (Ocala)25:45.1
4813Owen HoganBelleview25:59.3
496Christopher RiveraBelleview26:42.6
501Alex FernandezBelleview26:54.5
5112Nicholas RiveraBelleview26:56.8
5261Adrian LozanoWest Port27:41.7
5381Mufeez AhmadWest Port28:00.3
5472James JeppsonWest Port28:44.1
5524Jose Schwarz BarreraDunnellon29:12.2
5638Sahir Encarnacion PachecoLake Weir31:01.4
5774Logan DavisWest Port31:29.1
5852Kevin LinVanguard (Ocala)33:55.6
5937Payden PryorLake Weir34:47.7
6064Caden GoldenWest Port39:20.1
618Jackson VannoyBelleview42:10.0
6262Benjamin SwansonWest Port42:52.3
DNS80Xavier MartinezWest Port41:21.9
Team Scores    
Vanguard (Ocala)2222   
West Port8282   

Girls Race Results

PlaceBib#NameTeamSplit 1
1120Rhema TaylorVanguard (Ocala)20:58.4
2129Mia WhiteWest Port21:25.3
3118Ruby ScottVanguard (Ocala)21:41.4
484Kiley SummerlinBelleview22:10.7
5112Audrey TaylorVanguard (Ocala)23:13.5
6116Emma CurtisVanguard (Ocala)23:16.2
7110Savannah RisnerVanguard (Ocala)23:18.1
8135Natalie NelsonWest Port23:24.0
986Christina SeecharanBelleview23:55.3
10115Ava CurtisVanguard (Ocala)24:06.0
1196Taylor AlvardDunnellon24:40.1
12119Kristen MooreVanguard (Ocala)24:40.7
13107Chloe FieldsNorth Marion24:53.2
14100Lillian LedyForest25:01.2
1595Rachel HillDunnellon25:17.3
16105Taylor SmithForest25:26.6
17145Ximena DiazWest Port25:36.8
18125Sama JaberWest Port25:39.4
19101Ryan SteffeyForest25:42.8
2097Adrienne BunnForest25:45.5
21104Michelle HouldsworthForest25:52.7
22114Abigail TaylorVanguard (Ocala)26:16.9
2391Emma HatcherDunnellon26:21.7
24124Serena SajuWest Port26:40.2
25127Azabeth ThompsonWest Port26:57.0
26103Coralei DerisoForest27:00.6
27121Nicole NiVanguard (Ocala)27:11.2
28111Alexandra RudnianynVanguard (Ocala)27:18.1
2998Anna WilsonForest28:06.5
30109Isabella CarrascosaVanguard (Ocala)28:31.1
3194Allison RobbDunnellon28:44.2
32102Johanna WellsForest28:57.5
3399Riley SmithForest29:43.8
34126Emily VadnaisWest Port30:08.9
35141Malon RubeniusWest Port31:46.6
36108Natalie HernandezNorth Marion31:57.7
37122Mina LangoWest Port32:46.1
38142Pien KleevenWest Port32:59.8
39130Mackenzie CutlerWest Port33:30.6
40106Arely Rodriguez LandaverdeLake Weir36:12.3
4185Caely MullinixBelleview37:12.8
42138Valeria GonzalezWest Port37:40.1
4382Brynn FilkinsBelleview37:57.9
4487A’niyah StogsdillBelleview38:06.7
45140Justine PeterzellWest Port38:15.8
4690Trinity PowellDunnellon40:08.4
4793Juliana RodriquezDunnellon40:08.8
48137Cristina BejaranoWest Port40:24.8
Team Scores    
Vanguard (Ocala)2222   
West Port6565   
Vanguard continued their streak at the 2022 MCIAC High School Cross Country Championships, sweeping both the individual and team titles at Belleview. This is the 24th year in a row that the Vanguard boys have won and the 20th year for the girls.



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