1A Season Preview
1A Season Preview

Florida Indoor Track Season?

Get ready Florida, it has just been announced that the Alachua County Event Center at Celebration Point is opening. With that comes a whole new dimension to Florida running, an indoor track season! This year there will be 5 youth and high school meets 4 of which will serve as qualifiers for the 1st ever Florida Indoor Championship. 

florida indoor track

1/14 – 1/15 – Jimmy Carnes Invitational


1/21 – 1/22 – RADD Sunshine Showcase


1/28 – 2/5 – The Legends of Alachua County


2/4 – 2/5 – The Florida / Georgia Challenge


2/11 – 2/12 – The Florida Indoor Championships


More details will be posted as they become available.

More about the Alachua County Event Center

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