1A Season Preview
1A Season Preview
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2023 Labor Day 5k Results

The Labor Day 5K at the Baseline Trail Head in Ocala was a vibrant event that brought together the local running community for a day of spirited competition and celebration.

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2023 flyra

2023 FLYRA Middle School Cross-Country Public School Division Preview

As the 2023 FLYRA Cross-Country season kicks off, the landscape is set for fierce competition among Florida’s middle school teams. Gulfview Middle School’s girls and Ruckel Middle School’s boys are early favorites, but with the unpredictability of the sport, established powerhouses and rising stars alike have eyes on the championship podium. With over 300 schools in the mix, the upcoming season promises heart-pounding excitement.

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New Runners

Training New Runners: Taking a Gradual Approach for Success

Starting a running habit can be daunting for new runners. But having patience and using smart training principles will set you up for lifelong success. This article provides tips to help new runners build consistency, increase mileage gradually, follow the 80/20 rule to prevent injury, and remember to have fun. With a gradual approach focused on building an aerobic base, new runners can avoid burnout and frustrating injuries. Running should not feel like a chore. Follow these guidelines to start strong and become a happy, healthy lifelong runner.

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