Osceola Shines at the 2022 MCIAC Middle School Cross Country Championships

The Osceola boys and girls teams emerged victorious at the 2022 MCIAC Middle School cross country championships sweeping the individual and team titles in both races on Tuesday evening.

The day started off with the boy’s 3k. From the gun, the 8th-grade duo of Alex Lammens and Jacob Rogers, from Osceola, went straight to the front. They were followed closely by 6th grader Christopher Taylor of Howard. The early pace, however, proved to be a little too quick as Alex and Jacob pulled away before the first mile. By the end of the race, Lammens emerged victorious with Rogers taking the runner-up position. Taylor held on for 3rd place, with Edward Zinnie of Osceola and Zade Hamed of Howard rounding out the top 5. The Osceola boys won the team competition with a team score of 20 points, Howard finished 2nd with 60 points, and rounding out the top 3 was Belleview Middle in 3rd with 70 points. 

The girl’s race played out similarly to the boy’s race as a pair of Osceola 6th graders, Lyla Hallick and Natalie Lammens, jumped to the front at the start. They were followed closely by the 7th grader from Belleview Middle, Kendal Davis. After an opening mile of under 6:50, Lyla put distance on her Osceola teammate and went on to win by almost 19 seconds. Natalie held on to finish 2nd with Kendal finishing in third. Alanna Doyle from Howard and Maylee Blackwood finished 4th and 5th respectively. Osceola took the team competition with a score of 37 points, Howard placed second with 71 points, and Fort McCoy rounded out the top 3 with 76 points.

Boys Race Results

1219Alexander LammensOsceola Middle School11:51.4
2226Jacob RogersOsceola Middle School11:56.3
3194Christopher TaylorHoward Middle School12:44.7
4228Edward ZinnieOsceola Middle School12:49.0
5189Zade HamedHoward Middle School13:18.4
6224Sahajpal OwenOsceola Middle School13:23.0
7225Ren PfrienderOsceola Middle School13:25.9
8150Ryleigh GutierrezBelleview Middle School13:31.8
9187Mateo ArcilaHoward Middle School13:33.4
10165Coleman HillDunnellon Middle School13:41.4
11147Riley EHRISMANBelleview Middle School13:46.3
12153Ayden MarrsBelleview Middle School14:13.7
13179Matthew PreeceFort King Middle School14:20.6
14217Camden JohnsonOsceola Middle School14:27.4
15227Jordan WebbOsceola Middle School14:32.6
16184Easton KilburyFort McCoy School14:41.2
17166Elijah LinderDunnellon Middle School14:45.4
18160Geremy CrouchDunnellon Middle School14:51.1
19162Josiah GorongsayDunnellon Middle School14:52.0
20203Hunter GoodwinLiberty Middle School14:56.2
21191Chrisopher Nava DeAndaHoward Middle School15:17.8
22220Andrew LundayOsceola Middle School15:28.8
23211Caleb CartwrightOsceola Middle School15:58.0
24146Collin BUCKBelleview Middle School16:07.3
25205Eric NegronLiberty Middle School16:26.7
26155Tanner TewBelleview Middle School16:27.4
27169Caleb NiedermayerDunnellon Middle School16:57.8
28175Gavin WhiteheadDunnellon Middle School16:57.9
29214Cam GarnerOsceola Middle School17:05.9
30167Connor MartinDunnellon Middle School17:13.5
31151Mason JonesBelleview Middle School17:37.2
32199Lusiel Lopez-PaganLake Weir Middle School17:41.3
33206Kaleb SigmonLiberty Middle School17:54.9
34180Wyatt BakerFort McCoy School18:48.8
35185Nicholas PoppFort McCoy School18:51.3
36780Justin DeckerHorizon Academy19:19.8
37210Daniel CantuOsceola Middle School19:34.7
38218Jace JohnstonOsceola Middle School19:47.4
39170Aaron PerineDunnellon Middle School19:55.7
40173John-Lee SimonDunnellon Middle School20:00.1
41163Nathan GrossiDunnellon Middle School20:18.6
42192Alok RajcoomarHoward Middle School20:37.1
43168Hunter MattisonDunnellon Middle School20:37.4
44190Noah MartinHoward Middle School20:49.4
45213Ezra FitzgeraldOsceola Middle School20:58.2
46196Caleb ArnoldLake Weir Middle School20:59.3
47198John JacksonLake Weir Middle School21:05.8
48188Jessie CronHoward Middle School21:08.4
49159Landon ControllaDunnellon Middle School21:10.9
50156Cesar AcevedoDunnellon Middle School21:11.4
51178Jaxon FletcherFort King Middle School22:19.5
52172Denver SimmonsDunnellon Middle School23:24.7
53197Tavarus HubbardLake Weir Middle School23:44.6


Osceola Middle School20   
Howard Middle School60   
Belleview Middle School70   
Dunnellon Middle School79   

Girls Results

1329Lyla HallickOsceola Middle School12:43.6
2330Natalie LammensOsceola Middle School13:02.9
3231Kendal DAVISBelleview Middle School13:14.6
4291Alanna DoyleHoward Middle School13:42.2
5245Maylee BlackwoodDunnellon Middle School14:10.1
6298Cierra MillsHoward Middle School14:25.1
7331Maggie LorrickOsceola Middle School14:25.3
8238Brooklyn RisnerBelleview Middle School14:53.7
9334Hadlea SamsOsceola Middle School15:11.3
10316Edeidys Maysonet OrtizLiberty Middle School15:13.3
11275Katerina FlakeFort McCoy School15:20.8
12242Yuli AlejandroDunnellon Middle School15:26.5
13276Avery FutchFort McCoy School15:28.0
14268Makala MarshallFort King Middle School15:28.1
15290Mia DonkenHoward Middle School15:30.4
16311Aracely BeaverLiberty Middle School15:32.9
17312Amelia BeversLiberty Middle School15:34.3
18284Alexis PickrenFort McCoy School15:58.7
19229Alayna CarverBelleview Middle School16:05.3
20282Sierra MoellerFort McCoy School16:22.3
21267Keiley LimbaughFort King Middle School16:31.7
22252Autumn HallDunnellon Middle School16:48.1
23303Jaylynn DearmasLake Weir Middle School16:51.1
24328Reese CartwrightOsceola Middle School16:52.2
25332Isabella PrisciandaroOsceola Middle School16:56.7
26272Halle ArnoldFort McCoy School16:59.7
27299Collins SheldonHoward Middle School17:00.6
28333Adeline RothOsceola Middle School17:01.8
29295Sophia HuHoward Middle School17:11.2
30266tally greenbergFort King Middle School17:16.0
31271Jocalynn WilsonFort King Middle School17:16.8
32262Trinity TownsendDunnellon Middle School17:37.3
33278Victoria HoffmanFort McCoy School17:38.1
34335Jesika VasquezOsceola Middle School17:49.7
35260Abbiegail SchultzDunnellon Middle School17:52.2
36324Rylee VilalaLiberty Middle School17:57.0
37306Gabrielle HernandezLake Weir Middle School18:03.5
38247Kaydynce BoutwellDunnellon Middle School18:07.0
39286Noel ShifflettFort McCoy School18:24.6
40294Shaylee HarrisHoward Middle School18:32.0
41315Kaeleigh GolightlyLiberty Middle School18:47.4
42313Calleigh CaudillLiberty Middle School18:48.4
43285Allison RiddleFort McCoy School18:57.2
44265Riley DelkFort King Middle School18:57.5
45308Emily MowellLake Weir Middle School18:59.1
46254Jocelyn KristensenDunnellon Middle School19:03.1
47239Lexi Rodriguez-LoweBelleview Middle School19:13.4
48289Kherington ClarkHoward Middle School19:40.9
49297Rori JacksonHoward Middle School19:42.2
50296Lani JacksonHoward Middle School19:42.6
51283Kyleigh PickernFort McCoy School19:44.6
52280Hannah MillerFort McCoy School19:54.3
53248Annabelle BradyDunnellon Middle School20:18.8
54253Tiffany KirklandDunnellon Middle School20:21.5
55327Haley CamilloOsceola Middle School20:51.3
56788Abigail DeckeyHorizon Academy21:23.6
57786Mylasia MulliganHorizon Academy21:32.5
58787Olivia SmytheHorizon Academy21:35.1
59292Sienna EvansHoward Middle School21:56.9
60256Riley McClellanDunnellon Middle School22:01.0
61310Brynn StahlLake Weir Middle School22:02.9
62251Desirae GonzalezDunnellon Middle School22:03.7
63304Catilynn FrymanLake Weir Middle School22:39.1
64781Bella MorrisHorizon Academy23:19.5
65288Skye CaskeyHoward Middle School23:29.0
66783Jaylene FonsecaHorizon Academy23:30.7
67281Taylor MillerFort McCoy School23:42.0
68305Aliana HernandezLake Weir Middle School23:49.3


Osceola Middle School37   
Howard Middle School71   
Fort McCoy School76   
Dunnellon Middle School93   
Liberty Middle School106   
Fort King Middle School124   
Lake Weir Middle School186   
Horizon Academy229   

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