The 3rd Annual Set Goals Not Limits Distance Showcase, held on St. Patrick’s Day at Satellite High School in Satellite Beach, Florida, featured a day filled with thrilling races, challenging weather conditions, and even a Space X rocket launch. Running legend and three-time Olympian, Jim Ryun, was in attendance, adding to the excitement of the event.

Despite the windy conditions making it difficult for athletes to post fast times, the competitors didn’t let that deter them from giving their best on the track. In the men’s 800 meters, Set Goals Not Limits’ Andrew Mahorner claimed victory with a time of 2:01.64, while Aaron Barnes from Wesley Chapel New Tampa Mustangs followed closely with a time of 2:02.57.

The women’s 800 meters saw South Fork’s Emerson Brinn take first place with a time of 2:19.84, and 8th grader Cheyenne Thomas from Red Sea Running Club finished second, clocking in at 2:25.17. These young athletes showcased their determination despite the unfavorable weather conditions.

In the boys’ Jim Ryun FCA Mile, Zack Poekert emerged victorious with a time of 4:26.41, followed by Aedan Rendek and Liam Jordan. Meanwhile, the girls’ Jim Ryun FCA Mile saw Haley Thornton from Palm Harbor University High School secure the win with a time of 5:19.94. Addison Boyer from South Fork finished second with a time of 5:20.57, and Madison Carr from Astronaut High School took third place, crossing the line at 5:21.25.

The men’s 3200 meters event was won by Preston Eastman from Life Sports Track Inc., who completed the race in 9:42.75. G. Holmes Braddock’s Andres Canas and Cape Coral’s William Canales finished second and third, respectively. In the women’s 3200 meters, Hannah Latif from Berkeley Prep took the top spot with a time of 11:22.47, followed by Annabella Cardona from G. Holmes Braddock and Kylie Stephens from Berkeley Prep.

Aside from the action on the track, attendees were treated to an extraordinary sight as a Space X rocket launched into the sky, adding a unique touch to the memorable event.

Despite the windy conditions, the 3rd Annual Set Goals Not Limits Distance Showcase brought together talented athletes who pushed through the challenges to deliver impressive performances. With a celebrated Olympian in attendance and a rocket launch to top it off, this St. Patrick’s Day event is one that will be remembered for years to come. For more coverage and recaps, visit