Mount Dora, Florida – The 12th annual Mount Dora Half Marathon, set for December 17, 2023, is not just a race; it’s a showcase of endurance, community spirit, and the natural beauty of Mount Dora. This year’s event follows in the footsteps of some remarkable performances, particularly those of the 2022 champions – Mouad Achhab and Jereny Rivera.

Honoring Past Champions

In 2022, Mouad Achhab triumphed in the men’s category with an impressive time of 1:11:16, while Jereny Rivera led the women’s field, clocking in at 1:20:43. These outstanding performances set a benchmark for this year’s participants and continue the legacy of athletic excellence that the Mount Dora Half Marathon is known for.

Mount Dora Half Marathon – A Scenic and Challenging Course

The race takes runners through Mount Dora’s picturesque streets, historic downtown, and lakefront roads, making it as visually rewarding as it is challenging. The USATF Certified Course is known for its rolling hills, which test the stamina and skill of runners.

Community and Charity at the Heart

The event is more than a physical challenge; it’s a community celebration. With a portion of the proceeds supporting local causes, it’s a race that gives back, embodying the spirit of Mount Dora.

A Weekend of Activities

The event kicks off with a 5K run/walk on Saturday, ensuring an inclusive atmosphere for all levels of runners and walkers. The half marathon on Sunday is the main attraction, drawing both seasoned marathoners and newcomers.

Join the Experience

Whether you’re participating or cheering, the Mount Dora Half Marathon offers a chance to experience the camaraderie and charm of this Florida town. It’s an event where personal bests are set, friendships are forged, and the community comes together in celebration of health, athleticism, and shared goals.

Mark your calendars for a memorable race through one of Florida’s most scenic towns, and be part of a tradition of excellence and community spirit.

Please note, for complete details about the event and the list of past winners, visit the Mount Dora Half Marathon official website.