10/9/23 – Saints Run

Official Results By Athletics’ Scoring Providers

Boy’s Race          
PLTeamTotal TimeAvg. TimeScore1234567
1Redeemer Christian1:42:0520:2525135791117
2St. John Lutheran1:47:0121:2436248101214 
3First Academy (Leesburg)2:01:430:24:206861315161819 
1Collin MooreFRRedeemer Christian05:52.318:14.71     
2Aiden MannSOSt. John Lutheran06:03.418:49.32     
3Ben DiblasiFRRedeemer Christian06:14.319:23.03     
4Nolan FarrisFRSt. John Lutheran06:30.520:13.24     
5Noah NelsonSORedeemer Christian06:35.120:27.75     
6Landon MauriellFRFirst Academy (Leesburg)06:39.120:40.06     
7Albert SullivanFRMeadowbrook06:50.621:15.9      
8Evan Thomson8Redeemer Christian06:52.721:22.37     
9Hector GuerraFRMeadowbrook06:53.821:25.9      
10Drew HolmbergSRSeven Rivers Christian07:00.521:46.5      
11Zach SaintSRSeven Rivers Christian07:04.321:58.4      
12Thomas LittellFRSt. John Lutheran07:05.122:00.88     
13Connor HutchesonSRRedeemer Christian07:17.022:37.99     
14Seth EckartJRSeven Rivers Christian07:19.222:44.8      
15Charley YoungFRSt. John Lutheran07:19.422:45.310     
16Gabriel ThomsonFRRedeemer Christian07:23.622:58.211     
17Teddy ScottSOSt. John Lutheran07:28.223:12.612     
18Brayden KellerFRFirst Academy (Leesburg)07:28.923:14.913     
19Rex Sullivan6Meadowbrook07:33.523:29.3      
20Gracen Guerra8Meadowbrook07:35.223:34.4      
21Noah HiseyFRSt. John Lutheran07:41.623:54.414     
22Ryan Taylor8First Academy (Leesburg)07:57.524:43.915     
23Caleb Iseminger8First Academy (Leesburg)08:29.426:22.816     
24Chase MoodySORedeemer Christian08:29.626:23.417     
25Noah Bryant6First Academy (Leesburg)08:35.526:41.718     
26Nathan Stallings8First Academy (Leesburg)08:49.527:25.419     
27Asher Inman7Redeemer Christian08:50.127:27.0      
28Austin PearsonFRSeven Rivers Christian09:53.430:43.9      
Girl’s Race          
PLTeamTotal TimeAvg. TimeScore1234567
1St. John Lutheran1:54:0522:491512345610
2Redeemer Christian2:32:4030:32:00477891112  
1Mary Summers7Seven Rivers Christian06:34.920:27.0      
2Sydney Farris6St. John Lutheran06:45.921:01.31     
3Payton NazzariJRSt. John Lutheran07:14.722:30.82     
4Reese BeaserSOSt. John Lutheran07:21.322:51.23     
5Lauren Murphy8St. John Lutheran07:29.823:17.74     
6Emma ReeseSOSt. John Lutheran07:51.424:24.95     
7Julia Hollnagel6St. John Lutheran08:26.326:13.36     
8Camryn SatterfieldSORedeemer Christian08:41.727:01.17     
9Abby DiazSRRedeemer Christian08:51.227:30.78     
10Charlotte Saxton7First Academy (Leesburg)08:53.127:36.6      
11Erin HolmbergFRSeven Rivers Christian09:24.329:13.6      
12Haley HutchesonFRRedeemer Christian09:24.729:14.69     
13Gabby FugateSRSt. John Lutheran09:35.429:48.110     
14Ayva MulfordSOFirst Academy (Leesburg)09:44.930:17.6      
15Ora BatesFRFirst Academy (Leesburg)10:02.531:12.0      
16Athena NicholsSORedeemer Christian10:39.933:08.411     
17Skyler SatterfieldSRRedeemer Christian11:30.735:46.212     
18Alyvia Mulford8First Academy (Leesburg)12:02.137:23.9      
19Keimari Ford6St. John Lutheran12:09.237:45.9      
0Jadan BirdsallSRFirst Academy (Leesburg) DNF      

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