1A Season Preview
1A Season Preview

2023 Labor Day 5k Results

The Labor Day 5K at the Baseline Trail Head in Ocala was a vibrant event that brought together the local running community for a day of spirited competition and celebration. Michael Joyce led the pack with an impressive time of 21:18, proving his mettle on the course, while Ashley Townsend was the fastest woman, clocking in at 23:51. Not far behind in the Masters category, Brittney Stewart finished in 28:07 and Scott Leland in 23:23, showcasing the enduring talent and resilience among the more experienced participants.

The atmosphere was electric as the runners navigated the scenic trails, but what made this event truly special was the communal spirit. Amidst the intense competition, there was also room for celebration as multiple runners, including Cuthbert James, Michelle Moreno, Mary Neiberger, and Jessica Whittington, marked their birthdays this week. Ashley Townsend had a doubly memorable day as both an overall winner and a birthday celebrant. The event also welcomed first-time 5K runner and birthday girl Daniela Melian, who took the plunge into competitive running. The mix of seasoned athletes and newcomers, all celebrating life’s milestones, made this Labor Day 5K an unforgettable gathering for the Ocala running community.

OverallGender Age Group PlaceBIBAGESEXAGFull NameTime
11168430M30-39Michael Joyce0:21:18
22267932M30-39Dylan O’Hara0:23:02
33168056M50-59Scott Leland0:23:23
41164738F30-39Ashley Townsend0:23:51
54366439M30-39Ryan Stewart0:24:24
62265331F30-39Kathryn Diaz0:25:01
73166112F10-19Brooklyn Risner0:27:33
84164926F20-29Kaitlin Bullwinkle0:27:38
95166070M70-79Darrell Haney0:27:46
106165940M40-49David Hawthorne0:27:49
115166340F40-49Brittney Stewart0:28:07
126265418F10-19Samantha Schultz0:28:21
137265826F20-29Mary Green0:29:35
148365131F30-39Danielle Clark0:29:52
159367628F20-29Jazmine Sambula0:30:12
1610267345F40-49Michele Moreno0:30:36
1711168368F60-69Michelle Butler0:30:40
1812467731F30-39Denise Yanez0:31:04
197165028M20-29Daniel Easterday0:32:56
2013467526F20-29Alyssa Stewart0:33:04
218466538M30-39Zachary Russell0:33:13
2214567424F20-29Anastasia Moreno0:35:32
239268246M40-49Robert Daisy0:35:33
2410266723M20-29Daniel Naisbett0:36:27
2515666828F20-29Jessica Whittington0:36:34
2611368726M20-29Joey Gibbs0:37:32
2712366242M40-49David Bowen0:37:57
2816364643F40-49Speedyturtle James-Johnson0:38:25
2917267864F60-69Sandy Stewart0:38:36
3013564838M30-39Jon Townsend0:40:24
3118165677F70-79Karen Allman0:40:30
3219265571F70-79Mary Neiberger0:40:35
3320766928F20-29Michelle Macary0:44:11
3421368568F60-69Lynda Snoddy0:44:14
3514264579M70-79Cuthbert James0:44:18
3615368177M70-79Frank Mccann0:45:56
3722465269F60-69Pepperr Liner0:46:11
3823468649F40-49Jenny Kates0:47:58
3916667237M30-39Robert Walrath0:50:25
4024367017F10-19Daniela Melian0:50:31
4125567134F30-39Meriah Walrath1:04:55
4226565747F40-49Nina Graunke1:04:56

Age Group Awards

Overall Female

1Ashley Townsend64738F30-390:23:51

Overall Male

1Michael Joyce68430M30-390:21:18

Masters Female

1Brittney Stewart66340F40-490:28:07

Masters Male

1Scott Leland68056M50-590:23:23

Age Group Female 10-19

1Brooklyn Risner66112F10-190:27:33
2Samantha Schultz65418F10-190:28:21

Age Group Female 20-29

1Kaitlin Bullwinkle64926F20-290:27:38
2Mary Green65826F20-290:29:35

Age Group Female 30-39

1Kathryn Diaz65331F30-390:25:01
2Danielle Clark65131F30-390:29:52

Age Group Female 40-49

1Michele Moreno67345F40-490:30:36
2Speedyturtle James-Johnson64643F40-490:38:25

Age Group Female 60-69

1Michelle Butler68368F60-690:30:40
2Sandy Stewart67864F60-690:38:36

Age Group Female 70-79

1Karen Allman65677F70-790:40:30
2Mary Neiberger65571F70-790:40:35

Age Group Male 20-29

1Daniel Easterday65028M20-290:32:56
2Daniel Naisbett66723M20-290:36:27

Age Group Male 30-39

1Dylan O’Hara67932M30-390:23:02
2Ryan Stewart66439M30-390:24:24

Age Group Male 40-49

1David Hawthorne65940M40-490:27:49
2Robert Daisy68246M40-490:35:33

Age Group Male 70-79

1Darrell Haney66070M70-790:27:46
2Cuthbert James64579M70-790:44:18

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